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Name Change and
Social Transition Service

The Trans Legal Clinic is is the first trans-led specialist gender identity legal practice in the UK.  The mission of the Trans Legal Clinic is simple; we provide free and accessible legal help to transgender and non-binary people in need. Our overarching vision is a society where all people have access to the legal resources required for gender self-determination and where gender diversity is not just accepted but embraced, with trans+ people equipped with the necessary legal tools to navigate the world in their affirmed gender safely and free from harassment, discrimination and all forms of abuse.

Changing your name by Deed Poll

Under UK law there is no specific action you have to take in order to change your name - anyone is free to adopt a new name and start using it. However, in practice you will need a formal document to change your name with most organisations (such as your bank) and we can help you put that in place.

Updating your Passport, Documents and Personal Details

At the Trans Legal Clinic, we can help you apply to change your name and gender marker (although at present without the option for a gender marker other than male or female). We  can help you assemble the right documents and manage the process for you. This also applies to other identity documents such as your drivers license. We can also support you through the process of updating your personal details with other relevant institutions such as your bank, GP, employer or university.

Obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate

We can help you to apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate. This will give you a new English birth certificate in your preferred gender and name, and give you additional protection in respect of disclosure of information and record keeping. The process involves an application to the Gender Recognition Panel and you need to provide sufficient evidence to show you meet all the legal requirements.

We can manage the process for you, meeting with you to discuss your history, preparing a detailed statement in support of your application to maximise the chances of first time approval by the Gender Recognition Panel, and running the process itself.

Alternatively, if you would like to make your own application but have some support behind the scenes, we offer an evidence review service including an initial check of the documentation you propose to send to the Gender Recognition Panel, followed by a meeting with you to discuss whether it will meet the requirements and how to run the application yourself in practice

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