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The Trans Legal Clinic is is the first trans-led specialist gender identity legal practice in the UK. At its core, the Trans Legal Clinic is a human rights practice because Trans+ rights are human rights and without the influence of trans+ and non-binary people many of the human rights which are enjoyed by our cisgendered counterparts would cease to exist as we know them today. 

Trans+ people across the UK still face immense barriers to accessing justice for themselves. This is aggravated by the fact that many trans+ people at some stage in their transition are required to go through 'social transition' - the process of changing one's name, gender markers, pronouns, and other personal details among not only friends and family, but also the institutions and providers of goods and services with whom they engage on a day-to-day basis. The process is confusing and complex, and can often be distressing and even traumatic. These challenges are amplified when one considers the disproportionate levels of discrimination, harassment, and abuse faced by trans+ people in their day-to-day lives.


The mission of the Trans Legal Clinic is simple; we provide free and accessible legal help to transgender and non-binary people in need. Our overarching vision is a society where all people have access to the legal resources required for gender self-determination and where gender diversity is not just accepted but embraced, with trans+ people equipped with the necessary legal tools to navigate the world in their affirmed gender.

Once a person achieves institutional recognition of their name and gender identity, they are protected from much of the confusion and prejudice that arises within these institutions. Our clients will be free to choose whether and with whom they want to disclose about their gender history, a right that we wish to afford all of our clients.

About Us

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