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The Trans Legal Clinic is is the first trans-led specialist gender identity legal practice in the UK.  The mission of the Trans Legal Clinic is simple; we provide free and accessible legal help to transgender and non-binary people in need. Our overarching vision is a society where all people have access to the legal resources required for gender self-determination and where gender diversity is not just accepted but embraced, with trans+ people equipped with the necessary legal tools to navigate the world in their affirmed gender safely and free from harassment, discrimination and all forms of abuse.

Practice Areas

Name Change &
Social Transition Service

We provide a specialist social transition service whereby clients are supported through the process of changing their legal name by deed poll and updating their personal details and gender markers with the relevant bodies. This includes updating identity documents, official documents and medical records as well as obtaining gender recognition certificates

Domestic Abuse

& Sexual Violence

Transgender individuals and communities experience shocking amounts of violence and discrimination. Domestic Abuse and more than a quarter (41%) of Trans+ people have experienced domestic violence in the past year. Our caseworkers can provide extensive support to trans+ victims of domestic and sexual violence including supporting clients to pursue criminal action, liaising with the police on behalf of the client and ensuring that the matter is dealt with by the police swiftly, in a manner that is sensitive, dignified and effective. 

Housing and Homelessness

Trans and non-binary people face disproportionate rates of homelessness with a recent report from stonewall identifying that 1 in 4 trans+ people have experienced homelessness. We can provide advice and support around housing and homelessness issues to trans+ persons experiencing housing issues.

Police Complaints & Actions Against the Police

The Trans Legal Clinic is commited to ensuring equality of access to justice for the trans+ and non-binary community. provides clients with support engaging with the police around reporting hate crimes, harassment and domestic abuse inclusive of, where necessary, actions against the police and pursuit of police complaints.


Gender Reassignment is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act of 2010. If you have been discriminated against, the Trans Legal clinic is able to provide advice, support and signposting to ensure that you have full access the available legal remedies.

Public Law

At its core, the Trans Legal Clinic is a human rights practice because Trans+ rights are human rights and without the influence of trans+ and non-binary people many of the human rights which are enjoyed by our cisgendered counterparts would cease to exist as we know them today. As part of our commitment to trans+ rights the trans legal clinic will challenge the government and public bodies where their treatment of trans+ and non-binary persons falls short of their legal duties.

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